What is the BOMB?

  • BOMB – standing for Blue Ocean Marketing Blueprint - is a powerful action-kit comprising affordable set of strategies, samples, checklists and other useful resources. It has been developed for Small and Medium Indian businesses operating in Renewable Energy and environment market segments to make their marketing & sales many times more effective - without spending a lot!
  • The term Blue Ocean refers to concepts and strategies that are new and powerful that make your competition irrelevant!
  • The BOMB Kit has been devised by marketing veterans from IIMs who have had over two decades of running successful small businesses, applying many of the strategies and resources that the kit contains!

Who will benefit most from the BOMB?

If you are a Micro, Small or Medium Indian business

Having a pressing need to

  • Stand out from the competition,
  • Implement effective strategies to reach out to your markets,
  • Enhance your existing marketing channels and get the best out of them
  • Without having to spend too much, and
  • With just your existing sales and marketing team

The BOMB Kit is just what the doctor ordered for you.

Who is behind BOMB?

So who are the BOMB Makers?

  • A set of entrepreneurs from IIMs and IITs, with marketing, branding and sales specializations
  • These professionals have been running successful small businesses for over two decades
  • They have built successful brands with limited budgets and limited manpower resources
  • They have experimented hundreds of marketing and sales ideas over this period
  • Based on these efforts, they have arrived at a comprehensive kit of best of breed marketing and sales strategies

Why Do Indian Small & Medium Businesses Need the BOMB?

Why is BOMB needed for Indian SMEs? Simple.

Business is marketing. How much ever great your product or service is, without great marketing, your business will not grow.

Most SMEs end up implementing ineffective, me-too marketing and sales strategies for the following reasons:

  • They feel powerful sales and marketing strategies & actions are expensive
  • They are not able to get highly qualified marketing/sales professionals
  • They do not have the internal support resources to sustain effective & innovative marketing strategies

Imagine for a moment: What if the above barriers are removed for small businesses?

What if small businesses are able to design & implement powerful sales and marketing strategies - within their budget and with their existing manpower?

Are the above possible?

Yes. The BOMB Kit from BOSS will make all these possible.

Interested in purchasing the BOMB Kit?

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What are the contents of BOMB Kit?

So how will BOMB actually help the small and medium businesses implement the above?

BOMB stands for a set of marketing/sales strategies and a step by step guide to implementing these strategies. All these come in the form of a useful kit.

The BOMB is not just a report but is an entire that also includes a step-by-step guide. In addition, the BOMB kit comprises many highly valuable physical samples (including sample marketing collaterals), checklists, videos, reference databases, web tools and more comprises.


A DETAILED STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE – 200+ pages of rich insights, case studies and practical handholding for over 75 specific marketing / sales strategies

A CHECKLIST of things to do – this comes in the form of a physical dairy, and acts as a catalyst by nudging you to implement the BOMB strategies.

PHYSICAL SAMPLES - samples of innovative and powerful marketing accessories – business cards, brochure,pictures etc...

SAMPLE CORPORATE PRESENTATIONS with a readymade templates that can be easily customized for your company and product

SAMPLE PICTURES OF POWERFUL OFFICE SPACES - how you can use your office space for powerful brand and marketing at low or no cost!

POWERFUL REFERENCE DATABASES for you for a variety of outsourcing activities to make your marketing far more effective

A COMPLETE LIST OF FREE/LOW COST WEB TOOLS to make your web site a far more powerful business generation asset – along with details on how to integrate these tools into your web site

TELE-CALL TEAM TRAINING KIT – Whatever be your industry, there are a few basic best of breed principles any tele-call team should use. This kit contains all details to train your tele-call team on the best practices.

What are the main categories under which the BOMB Kit provides assistance?

The BOMB, with easy to implement actionables, powerful industry examples & case studies provides every small business a remarkably effective blueprint - a blueprint that has the potential to double or even triple your business within a few months.

The five key avenues the BOMB uses are:


Simple but powerful ways by which your business can come up with highly effective marketing plans and strategies


Unique methods to increase multi-fold the reach of your product and business to your target segments


Effective avenues and tips to dramatically increase prospect t - customer conversion rates


Smart methods, tools and practices that can result in significantly higher business returns on every business effort you undertake


A web site is perhaps the most powerful marketing and business generation asset for any business today. This section provides unique ideas by which small businesses can make their web sites consistently generate considerably higher business

The following are the sub-themes under each of the above business development dimensions.


The 4 Keys of Marketing Strategy – An effective overview of the 4 key dimensions of marketing strategy every small business should know about

Go Niche - Proven ways through which you can identify profitable niche segments of cleantech market segments to enhance your business growth

Use the MVP Concept to Do Marketing Experiments & Innovations – This chapter covers a powerful strategy that can help small cleantech businesses try out innovative marketing and product ideas at lower cost and within short time periods.

Stop Selling, Start Helping Customers – A must read chapter that turns sales on its head by making every salesman someone who helps, and not sells to, the prospect!

Think about Price All the Time – Effective pricing strategies, especially useful for fairly unorganized cleantech markets with significant gaps in price information.

Leverage Suppliers for Sales– A rarely used but useful asset to generate business – your suppliers. This chapter tells you how you get extra business through your suppliers!

Take Consulting Assistance from Marketing Experts at No Cost – Can small business get access to and help from marketing veterans and experts at no cost? The answer is Yes, and this chapter tells you how!

Hire Youngsters and Invest on Them – This chapter reveals a secret on how even a small business can build a strong marketing team, without having to resort to costly MBAs from IIMs!

Learn to Become an Expert the Easy Way – Can small cleantech business owners become domain experts too and gain significant business using that status? You bet! And this chapter tells you precisely how you can do that

Obtain unique & powerful marketing insights the smart way – Cost effective strategies for cleantech businesses to obtain powerful learning and business insights from social media



Leverage Your Distribution Channels – How can you double your business revenues from the same distribution channel? This chapter tells you how.

Get More from Customers – Focused Workshops – Simple and effective templates provided for small businesses to organize and conduct effective customer workshops to gain better insights about them and increase your business to your existing customers

Get More from Customers – Just Talk! – Practical techniques for small businesses to maximize sales and business from existing customers by just talking to them

Get More from Customers – Just Meet! - Simple but powerful ways to understand the existing customers’ real pain points and aspirations – and increase your business - by meeting them in person and building rapport with the customers

Loyalty Programs – Even small businesses can run successful loyalty programs to significant increase sales. Learn how to do it from this chapter.

Subscription Services – Effective strategies on how can small businesses can implement subscription-based service models using simple tools and concepts

Synergize Online & Offline Efforts – Did you know that you can increase your sales by 50% or more by just putting together simple systems that synergise your online and offline business development efforts? Learn how you can do this from here?

Get More Out of Conferences & Seminars – Make every event you attend provide a lot more returns to you than they do currently. Know how to do this from this chapter.

Make Your Business Card Do the Marketing – Can your visitor card become a ten-fold more powerful marketing tool? It can, and this chapter shows you how!

Make Your Brochure Unique &Useful – Brochures can be much more than a sales pitch. They can become your walking marketing ambassador, if only you knew how to create such brochures. This chapter provides you the invaluable tips.

Make Every Part of Your Office Do Marketing – How can you make every prospect who walked into your office could go back far more impressed about your business, just by doing the right things to your office space? Yes, this is possible and this chapter tells you how you can do it, step by step.



Informal Agent – Strategies for cleantech businesses to take your business to the next level through alternative distribution networks that are informal, costs nothing and are highly effective.

Getting Leads from YouTube Videos – Go for a Video Series – Practical tips on how to make simple videos can generate real business for you from YouTube, in spite of competition from millions of other videos.

Hire Marketing Interns – This chapter is all about how a rarely used, affordable, human resource can make a big difference to your company’s short term marketing needs

Benefit from Tele Calling Teams – A step-by-step guide for small businesses on how even they can put together an effective tele-calling team to grow their sales multi-fold

Host Focused Events – Hosting domain specific focused events can make a big difference to your business development. This chapter provides you detailed guidance how you can put together such events for your business

Speak for Your Industry – Helps you achieve the status of an industry leader by following a few simple steps to build your visibility and credentials

Hitching your business to stars - How even very small businesses can get important industry influencers to endorse them and increase business – at NO COST!

Reach your prospects differently & more efficiently – On social media, how can make prospects come to you instead of you going after them? Learn the tricks from this chapter.

Get sustained, focused visibility at low/no cost – Simple and practical strategies for small cleantech businesses to get more prospects through social media activities in a continuous and sustained manner

Make Social Media an effective extension of your CRM & PRM – Effective strategies to make your social media pages act as an extension to your customer relationship management efforts



Follow the 80:20 Idea – A concept and rule that every business, small or large, should use as part of their marketing activities. Don’t forget to read this chapter – it has the potential to make big things happen to your business development in a short period of time!

Qualify Your Prospects Effectively – A powerful prospect qualification template is provided in this chapter that can provide you with multiple times the sales for the same efforts

Show-Off Your Partners & Clients – How can you dramatically increase the credibility of your business, and consequently sales, by showing off your existing business clients and partners? This chapter tells you simple, economical and practical ways to do this.

Smart Sales: Tripwire Offer – Effective methods to dramatically increase conversions from prospects to customers by offering them something that makes it an impulse purchase, but can lead to much bigger businesses later on.

Get Back Cart Abandoners - Get people who are on the fence back to your online store with these simple tips

Power of Starting with Small Projects - Powerful ways to get a foot in the door and convert many more prospects into customers, using the power of small projects

Getting Business from Videos – Explainer Videos – Assists you through practical tips in creating effective explainer videos for your business, and strategies to use these for maximum benefits

Make Newsletters Generate Business - A newsletter strategy that allows you and your brand in front of your prospects constantly

Make Marketing E-mails Super Effective – Helps to craft effective sales emails that can significantly increase leads and generate business

Keep in Touch With Prospects - Keeping in touch with your prospects is made easy if you follow the simple tips in this chapter.



Get More Traffic – Get Local Traffic through Google My Business –Discusses various ways in which the unique feature on Google called Google My Business can be used to drive local traffic to your web site, at no cost!

Get More Traffic – Increase Organic Traffic through a Microsite – One of the easiest and cheapest ways to generate long term traffic for your web site explained in this chapter

Make Sure your Website Loads Fast – Effective tools and methods to make your website load faster and reduce prospect bounce-backs!

Make Your Web Site Extremely Useful - Converting your web site into a resourceful online space that continuously attracts your target audience

Think Vernacular on the Web and in Your Communications – Tips and techniques to plan out and implement a vernacular section on your website to reach out to a much larger local audience and thus significantly increase your business

Create Evergreen Web Content or Recycle Your Content – Tips for creating evergreen content that can help you sustainably make your web site generate good traffic and enquiries for a long time, at little cost.

Make Every Web Page a Point of Contact – Really effective tips to help prospects get in touch with you easily

Use Google Analytics to Understand Traffic & Customer Needs Much Better – Simple but effective steps to use Google Analytics and learn about your website audience and their behaviour.

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