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India Business Wave Blueprint

If you are keen on investing in NEW & ATTRACTIVE business opportunities in India The India Business Wave Blueprint is a MUST READ

Are you investing in a business for which the timing is just perfect?

Timing is everything in business.

Catching the right business wave at the right time can take your business places. The India Business Wave Blueprint is the first and only guide that provides expert guidance on the businesses for which the timing is just right!

Imagine you and an expert team could spend 18 months, analysing 5000+ business sources, to arrive at a comprehensive list of attractive business opportunities in India for which the time is just right.

You don’t have to imagine any longer. We have already done all the above for you. The result is the India Business Wave Blueprint.

Objective of The India Business Wave Blueprint

To enable Indian businesses and entrepreneurs to identify most attractive business opportunities for investment

The Blueprint Focusses on 4 Key Sectors:


Health Care

Future Technology


All the four sectors are presented together in the India Business Wave Blueprint

10 Person-Years of Research | Authored by IIM & IIT Professionals


If you are an ambitious entrepreneur, startup or businessperson keen on entering a high-growth, high margin business segment in Healthcare, Cleantech, Tech or Education sectors, the India Business Wave Blueprint is the best guide for you to start your journey.


The Blueprint offers, for the very first time, a list of over 200 new, attractive business opportunities in Healthcare, Education, Technology & Cleantech for which the timing is just perfect for investment. This is a critical benefit for those wishing to choose the right business idea at the right time. Cleantech – Healthcare – Digital – Education


Really simple. There’s no other blueprint like this for India, or for that matter, for any country!

The alternative to getting the insights that the Blueprint offers is to do painstaking research for many months with a highly paid team of business researchers. The India Business Wave Blueprint, on the other hand, is available to you right away and at a price of just Rs. 8500.

India Business Wave Blueprint – Sectoral Focus

The India Business Wave Blueprint provides insights on over 250 specific, attractive growth opportunities, spread over 4 fast growing sectors in India:

Price: 1500 /-
(Inclusive of all taxes)

India Education Wave Blueprint

The Blueprint offers a list of new and attractive business opportunities within the education sector.

Preschool & Childcare



Price: 1500 /-
(Inclusive of all taxes)

India Health Wave Blueprint

The Blueprint offers a list of new and attractive business opportunities within the Healthcare sector

Air Pollution

Medical Diagnostics


Price: 1500 /-
(Inclusive of all taxes)

India Cleantech Wave Blueprint

The Blueprint offers a list of new and attractive business opportunities within the cleantech sector


Electric Vehicles

Energy Storage

Price: 1500 /-
(Inclusive of all taxes)

India Tech Wave Blueprint

The Blueprint offers a list of new and attractive business opportunities within the future technology sector for Indian Entrepreneurs




Live Streaming

Mobile Advertising

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Cloud Computing & SaaS Wave

Price:  8500 /-
(Inclusive of all taxes)

India Business Wave Blueprint – ALL 4 Waves in 1 Bundle Blueprint

The Blueprint offers a list of new and attractive business opportunities in four key sectors for Indian Entrepreneurs

  • Preschool & Childcare
  • EduTech
  • Skilling
  • Air Pollution
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Organic
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Energy Storage
  • Analytics
  • E-Commerce
  • E-Sports
  • Live Streaming
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
  • Cloud Computing & SaaS Wave

Evaluation of the Business Waves

For each business wave, the India Business Wave Blueprint provides inputs, insights and analyses on the following.

# Evaluation Parameter Details
01 Size of Market Details of the size of the overall market, and sizes of main components/verticals within the market
02 Growth % The compounded annual growth rate for the market opportunity is provided
03 Stage of Wave Very Early Stage of Wave (could take 5 years or more to become a real wave) / Early Wave (2-3 years to become a real wave) / Start of Wave (About to rise) / Rise of the Wave (rising, rising…)/ Crest (We are at the peak of the wave)
04 Underlying Aspirations and/or Pain Points We point out what the key drivers and aspirations for the wave are. These insights will help you understand the strength and nature of the wave.
05 Other Important Drivers for the Wave
06 Robustness of Wave (Durability) How long (# of years) is the wave expected to exist? We provide estimates / insights for this important aspect here.
07 Key Markets/End User Segments This critical section will provide insights on the sub-segments of the overall opportunity. These details will provide ideas to the entrepreneur about attractive opportunities for these sectors
08 Extent of Competition Extent of competition is evaluated for many distinct components of the business opportunity value chain
09 Prominent Players Details of the prominent leaders and companies operating in the opportunity domain will be provided here.
10 Distribution & Scalability Current status of the distribution chain in this market, and possible innovations to significantly increase market access and scalability will be provided in this section.
11 Stability of Supply Chain and the Extended Ecosystem How stable is the supporting ecosystem for this business opportunity. The strength of the ecosystem will provide insights to the entrepreneur on the stage and strength of the wave – a strong support ecosystem will mean a quick take-off, while a weak support ecosystem could imply that the entrepreneur needs to wait for some components of the ecosystem to mature/improve.
12 Bottlenecks & Stumbling Blocks What are the key bottlenecks, constraints, weaknesses and stumbling blocks that the entrepreneur should be aware of for this business opportunity?

Highlights of Opportunities & Examples

Highlights of Opportunities

  • Examples of Attractive Sub/Niche Segments – An excellent list of attractive niche segments for each business is provided. This will prove to be an invaluable asset for entrepreneurs keen on identifying the best niche to invest in. This list has been collected by a team doing intensive business trends research for over 2 years, from over 1,000 sources!
  • Types of Opportunities – For each attractive business wave, the Expert Wave Blueprint also provides key insights on where in the business value chain attractive business opportunities might be present. Analyses of the following value chain components is performed for each wave to identify the various types of business opportunities this business wave throws up.

    • Component Manufacturing
    • Assembling of Components – OEMs
    • Distributor/Reseller/Franchise
    • SupportServices-R&D/Design/Testing/Training/Legal/Logistics/Online Marketing/Consulting/MarketResearch/Recruitment/Events
    • Others

Examples of Successful Companies

And finally, the Blueprint provides many, many enriching examples of startups and other successful ventures for each wave. These examples will serve both as an inspiration and a tangible starting point for many entrepreneurs keen on embarking on a venture with role models in place.

  • Success Examples – both in India and globally. Vital statistics about these companies will be provided, especially for startups and innovative ideas, including from whom they got the funding. The following details will be provided for all the success examples that we provide in the Expert Guide.
    • Company Name
    • City/Country
    • Main Products/Solutions
    • Current Markets Served
    • Highlights of Success – Funding, Market Penetration, Acquisition
    • Other Highlights / Uniqueness

Successful Indian Startups Profiled – 200+ Innovative Companies

What do readers of the India Business Wave Blueprint say?

Madal Lal Pathak, GTK Rubber, Bengaluru Exactly the guide that’s helpful for small business people like me to get a holistic view of opportunities for diversification
Sunita Deshpande, Startup entrepreneur with IT background, Mumbai The (India Business) Wave Blueprint is an interesting guide that has come at the right time for the Indian startup and entrepreneur sector. The publishers have followed what they preach – that TIMING is Everything in business. They have also launched this guide with PERFECT TIMING. There are so many interesting examples and concepts in this report that give me so many ideas that I would have not come up my own!!
SL Krishnan, Vice President at Cognizant and a former startup founder, Chennai This report is different from many market reports. Kudos to the experts who wrote it. They have clearly thought about the actual information needs of investors and businesses looking for attractive business opportunities. The strategy framework given at the end for deciding the right opportunity is also good and very practical. The Wave book will be highly appreciated by Indian entrepreneurs I am sure.
Mohammed Yunis, Leather Industry business, Kanpur My son got this report for me. Some parts of (the) report need time to read. I like the examples for startups and niche business opportunities very useful – otherwise it will take so much time for me to gather this information!
Navin Shroff, who has donned many hats, including as a hedge fund manager and a US college professor, now back to Bengaluru to start something in his home city If you are an Indian entrepreneur keen on identifying the best business for you to start, just but this guide from the BOSS company. There is no other guide like this from what I have searched on Amazon, Flipkart etc. At Rs 8500, it sure is a fantastic value for an entrepreneur. Going to a consultant for similar insights will cost at least 100 times the money!
Sanjay Kumar, Book Buyer Wow. Finally a collection of data and insights I would have loved to do myself.
Ankit Agarwal, CEO – SS Enterprises, Pune I fully agree with the authors of this report and blueprint that Indian entrepreneurs need to choose their ventures with care and intelligence. Such discrimination can take the country to a $10 trillion economy the way Shri Modi wants it.
Johnson Monickaraj,
General Manager – Reliance
I’m impressed with the business waves selected because most of them are independent of unreliable external support like government subsidies…ideal for hard working entrepreneurs who wish to succeed based on merit and sweat
Reshma, MBA Graduate, IBS A good list of business waves and opportunities…ideal for next generation Indian entrepreneurs
Imran Khan, Senior Manager, BOSCH If you are new generation businessman, BOSS company’s India Business Wave Blueprint is a super useful report

Dozens more have highly appreciated the India Wave Business Blueprint

World Class Strategic Analysis

While analysing the business waves and the specific opportunities that they bring forth, and while providing you with strategic tools for analyses, we have used strategic insights and approaches recommended by global leading lights such as

Top Business Schools such as Harvard & Stanford

Top Strategic Consulting firms such as McKinsey & Co., BCG & more

Global Strategy Gurus such as Clayton Christensen, Michael Porter

Exemplary Business Minds such as Jeff Bezos, Peter Thiel, Eric Schmidt, Ram Charan and more

Super Successful Startup Founders/Investors such as Elon Musk, Bill Gross (Idea Labs), Jack Ma (Alibaba), the Bansals (FlipKart), Masayoshi Son (Softbank) and more…

Who is behind the India Business Wave Expert Blueprint?

This one of a kind expert guide has been compiled by a team of management professionals headed by Narasimhan Santhanam and Manohar Namasivayam, who lead the consulting practice at BOSS – the Blue Ocean Strategy Specialists.

The BOSS team comprises a unique blend of MBAs and entrepreneurs who assist Indian businesses identify blue-ocean, attractive business opportunities.

The team members themselves have been part of successful start ups, all started at the right time. Narasimhan is the co-founder of EAI, which he founded in 2009, just as the renewable energy wave was starting in India. EAI is today a leading strategic and market consulting firm for renewable energy and cleantech in India. In addition, the BOSS team members have founded successful startups such as Solar Mango (precisely at the time the Indian solar wave started) and some of the first companies to be funded during the dot com wave – once again starting successful ventures right at the beginning of the dot com wave.

Solar Mango – Started at the time the Indian solar wave started

EAI –  Started at the time the Indian Renewable wave started

Oilgae –  Started at the time the global algae wave started

Clixoo – Started at the time the Indian Software & IT wave started

The co-founders of BOSS, Narasimhan and Manohar, are both graduates of IIM Calcutta. Narasimhan is also a graduate of IIT Madras.  Both of them have started successful startups and have seen, from close quarters, how choosing the right sector at the right time had made a dramatic difference to business prospects.

The BOSS team operates out of Chennai. You can get to know more about the BOSS team from